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11 Best Pilates Abs Exercises, According to Instructors

11 Ab-Shaking Moves Pilates Instructors Love For a Strong Core

11 Best Pilates Abs Exercises, According to Instructors
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There's a reason everyone from celebs and TikTokers to fitness editors is into Pilates right now. This low-impact workout modality combines flexibility, strength, and endurance into exercises that can be done either on a mat or using a reformer in class (or at home, with a bit more of a price tag). And it's also amazing at building core strength. Most Pilates workouts incorporate plenty of core work throughout — often, you'll flow in and out of poses with a yoga-like emphasis on breath and your abs working with nearly every move. However, if you want to dedicate some time specifically to strengthening your abs (and everything else that makes up your core), you can do a full Pilates ab workout or try a couple of Pilates ab exercises that are sure to get the job done.

If you can't get to a Pilates studio or you just prefer home workouts, never fear. You can still get in a solid Pilates ab workout with nothing but a mat or space on a comfortable floor. To make it easy, we asked 10 different Pilates instructors for their top ab moves. You can do all of them right at home, with no equipment required. Incorporate a few of these Pilates ab exercises into your next core workout for a slow and steady burn that'll strengthen your abs and so much more.

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