If You're Struggling to Achieve Your Fitness Goals, This Trainer Has Some Advice For You

Kelsey Wells
Kelsey Wells

Making the decision to become healthier and more active is a major accomplishment in itself, so kudos to you. If you just started your new regimen last week, are going to start tomorrow, or are waiting until the new year (but really, you can start now), NASM-certified trainer Kelsey Wells shared two tips that will make this journey the most successful yet.

Her first piece of advice is simple. If you miss a day of training or eat something that wasn't on your meal plan, Kelsey said not to think of those moments as a failure. "There are going to be setbacks, you're not going to hit every single goal that you set, and that's okay." In the moment, it can feel like all or nothing, but it's not. One setback won't stop you from obtaining your goals. "All that matters is what you do next," she explained. "Realize there are going to be ups and downs, and go forward anyway. Always make your next choice healthier, or make those efforts count the next day if you've fallen off."

Kelsey's second piece of advice is to "find little things each day that you can achieve and be proud of." She admits that in the beginning, it's easy to become overwhelmed, which is why making small goals can help. These goals can be as simple as drinking more water or going on a walk during your lunch break. Having a large goal is fine, but according to Kelsey, breaking it down by the day and week will make it feel a lot easier to accomplish. "Crush your goals for that day, and focus on that. Celebrate the little victories," she said.

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