How Strong Are Your Abs? Take This 15-Minute "Ab Fit Test" to See If You Can Get Through It

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Whether you've been doing ab workouts for five weeks or five years, or this is your first one in a long time, Blogilates creator Cassey Ho created this 15-minute "Ab Fit Test" to see how strong your abs are. Don't worry if you can't get through all 50 seconds of each of these 15 bodyweight ab moves. If you can't, now you'll have something to work on and something to get better at. "Everyone is on a separate fitness journey, and you have to understand there's no sense in comparing yourself to anyone else but yourself," Ho says early in the video. Use this test as a gauge, so every time you do it, you can see how much you've improved. Ho told POPSUGAR, "If you repeat the test workout itself three to four times a week for two to three weeks, I think you should be well on your way to completing the whole thing!"

Here are the 15 exercises you'll be doing in this workout:

  1. Roll-Ups
  2. Single-Straight-Leg Stretches
  3. Double-Leg Stretches
  4. Star Abs
  5. Double-Leg Lifts
  6. Single-Leg Drops
  7. Flutters
  8. Windmills
  9. Single-Leg Jackknifes
  10. Cheerleader Ls
  11. Butterfly Crunches
  12. Butterfly Sit-Ups
  13. Reverse Crunches
  14. Corkscrews
  15. Plank