This Smooth-Like-"Butter" BTS Dance Workout Is a Perfect 3-Minute Cardio Finisher

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At this point, I don't even need to listen to BTS's new singles before adding them to my workout playlist. Like last year's "Dynamite," BTS's newest track, "Butter," is inescapably catchy, summer-y, and upbeat, making it perfect for running, HIIT, strength training, and, of course, dance cardio. I mean, you can't not dance to the song. And if you're not into choreographing your own routine (or, god forbid, trying BTS's own intricate steps), dance instructor and fitness YouTuber Mylee Dance has you covered with a three-minute "Butter" dance workout that'll get your heart pumping.

This workout is cardio tinged with HIIT, thanks to the fast-then-slow beat of the song and tons of jumping, sliding, and skipping. Mylee also keeps the moves accessible while still pulling inspiration from the original BTS moves, especially during the chorus. You might still need to run it through a few times before you get every step, but hey, it's even more of a workout that way! Check out the routine above and turn up the volume to try it for yourself.