My Arms Are Shaking at the Sight of This 15-Second TikTok Triceps Workout


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It doesn't matter how strong I think I am: a triceps workout always leaves my arms sore for days. We're talking painful-to-move-my-upper-body, wincing-when-I-lift-my-arms levels of sore. And the moment I saw this TikTok triceps challenge, I knew it had that potential.

This mini workout is only 15 seconds long, but it's all done in an elbow plank position, which is your first warning that it's a tough one. All of the exercises are relatively small arm movements (no clapping push-ups or big, explosive moves), but doing them quickly and with control is where the burn comes in. The hardest part of this workout has to be the forearm push-ups. You lift your body completely off the ground using your forearms (similar to a push-up, but you're not lifting with your hands) then all the way back down, which focuses the work in your triceps.

Yes, it's a short workout, but with all those tough moves back-to-back-to-back, you'll be feeling it the next day or two (or three). That's what makes it a tempting challenge, right? Check it out for yourself above! (PS: you can always drop to your knees to modify these moves.)