2 Stuck-at-Home Hockey Players Did a Love Is Blind Workout, and They Didn't Expect This Much Pain

With the sports world on hold during the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, athletes (and the rest of us) are looking for ways to stay active from home. Olympic hockey players Hilary Knight and Hannah Brandt had one of the best solutions we've seen yet.

"Stayed at home because of the Virus outbreak, Decided we wanted to watch tv but have done a lot of that recently," Hilary explained in her caption. So they did what anyone would do: created a bodyweight Love Is Blind workout game while they streamed the beloved and slightly unhinged Netflix reality show. Here was the challenge they took on:

  • When a cast member says "I love you": 10 push-ups, sit-ups, or V-ups
  • The rest of the episode: jumping jacks, air jump rope, or air squats

That's . . . a lot of cardio, especially because there weren't very many "I love yous" in the episode they chose. Immediately, Knight and Brandt had regrets. "I'm so bad at cardio," Knight yells at one point. "Come on! Say it!" When someone finally drops the L word, you can feel the excitement all the way through your phone screen.

While we might not recommend you do this exact workout (because if pro athletes are having a tough time with it, that doesn't bode well for the rest of us), we're loving the creativity and dedication to working out when the gym isn't available. BRB, going to rewatch The Bachelor with this bodyweight exercise challenge in hand. (If you want the sweat without the reality TV drama, we recommend these eight at-home bodyweight workouts.)