This Runner's Sarcasm About Weight Bias Would Be Funny If I Weren't So Angry!

I appreciate the humor self-proclaimed plus-size trainer, Louise Green, is trying to get across in this TikTok video about weight bias bullsh*t, and what people who live in large bodies have to deal with when working out. I especially love how she continuously fondles her race medals, and her over-the-top facial expressions as she's delivering offensive microaggressions, but damn — it also makes me so angry. No one should ever have to hear demeaning comments when they're working out. Green says things like, "What?! You're here for the run club?!," or "Are you sure you don't want to walk? We do have a walking group." And the worst, "I think it's so cute that you want to join us, but this is going to be really hard for you, and I'm just really concerned about your health." Ugh.

Green said in this Instagram caption, "Having experiences like this can create a negative experience before you've even started, and that's just not OK." And questioning your ability to run or be able to keep up diminishes your value as an athlete. You deserve to join fitness groups and classes, and work out without judgement because of your size. So if you're being treated this way or notice that someone else is, call it out! Runners and athletes come in all sizes and abilities, and as Green said in this video, "don't let the ignorance of others keep you on the sidelines!"