If You're Trying to Lose Belly Weight, These 9 Before-and-Afters Are Bound to Inspire You

There's nothing simple or easy about committing to a weight loss journey. For a lot of us, the chasm between our current selves and our fitness goals can be intimidating rather than inspiring. This is especially true when you're staring at your body in the mirror day after day and not seeing any noticeable changes, despite how dedicated you are to your journey.

One thing that can definitely help when you're low on motivation is scrolling your Instagram feed for amazing before-and-afters that tell the real stories behind losing fat and getting fit. The next time you're wondering when you'll start seeing that belly fat melt off and those abs peek through, don't be discouraged. Take inspiration from nine women whose words, and before and after pictures, will remind you why it's called a fitness journey.

Sophie Austin

"The most important thing we need to remember and I know I always bang on about it but TRUST the process, even if you don't feel like your progressing each and every day your changing and getting 1 step closer to your goal! Don't give up!" — Sophie Austin

Ruth Abigail

"I treat each day as a new day, challenging myself to outperform the day before. Some days are great, some days are trash-no matter what something is always better than nothing." — Ruth Abigail


"✔️Cleansed my mind of failure ✔️Cut out carbs ✔️added an abundance of greens to diet ✔️lean meats ✔️gallon of water a day ✔️protein shake before and after workout ✔️protein rich snacks in between meals ✔️Self love throughout the process ✔️gifted self with photo shoot as added motivation" — Jay

Lisa B

"The secret of change is focusing all of your energy not on the old, but on building the new! And that's what I'm doing, slowly building, constantly changing" — Lisa B

Melissa Tolan

"Trust the process and take it a day at a time because this just shows that it is possible." — Melissa Tolan


"Start trusting yourself and the process, but most importantly be patient . Real results aren't made overnight" — Briana

Katie Gallagher

"No shortcut will get you what you want, or at least it won't long term. I'm not going to lie and say trial and error hasn't been a huge part of my journey, cause it has. But what HAS been consistent about my journey is the very word CONSISTENCY itself. I wasn't perfect everyday but each new day I woke up and decided I wasn't giving up." — Katie Gallagher

Sophie Allen

"Don't forget, we all start somewhere. There's no overnight fix, my results are the product of years of training, testing, learning, set backs, ups, downs and I'm still so determined to keep pushing my body to see where I'll be in another year from now" — Sophie Allen


"These changes TAKE time, the process is FRUSTRATING, and there are days where you feel your steps aren't taking you anywhere but baby steps still take you to the destination!" — Erica