Forget Kale — Dust Is the Biggest Wellness Trend Out There

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If you're striving to get healthier for 2017, then you should dust off your blender and . . . collect the dust, because dust is apparently the latest wellness trend to sweep Instagram. OK, please don't actually use regular old dust in your health routine! The dust concoctions that everyone is obsessed with lately are from Moon Juice, and they're popular because they promise a wide variety of benefits.

Each type of dust features a combination of herbal supplements designed to enhance a user's natural beauty, energy, memory, stamina, sleep, or relaxation. Gwyneth Paltrow adds Beauty Dust to her morning smoothie, while others choose to add their respective dust choices to hot water, juice, or other beverages. When a dust sampler landed on my desk, I went rogue and sprinkled different dusts on top of my oatmeal breakfast.

The different concoctions of Moon Juice Dust are:

  • Beauty Dust: "a radiant edible formula alchemized to expand your beauty, luster, and glow from within" using goji, rehmannia, schisandra, and pearl
  • Sex Dust: "a lusty edible formula alchemized to ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom" using ho shou wu, cacao, shilajit, maca, schisandra, cistanche, and epimedium
  • Brain Dust: "an adaptogenic elixir to maintain healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress" using astragalus, shilajit, maca, Lion's Mane, rhodiola, and ginkgo
  • Power Dust (formerly known as "Action" Dust): "an ancient elite formula to support your peak performance, stamina, and longevity, while aiding in healthy recovery" using astragalus, ginseng, eleuthero, schisandra, and rhodiola
  • Dream Dust (formerly known as "Good Night" Dust): "a soothing edible nightcap alchemized to lull you into deep, restorative nocturnal tranquility" using zizyphus, schisandra, chamomile, and polygala
  • Spirit Dust: "a divine edible formula alchemized to help you unwind, expand peaceful awareness and align with bliss" using goji, astragalus, reishi, longan, and salvia

But the real question about these dusts is whether or not they work. In my personal experience, regular consumption does yield benefits; especially from the Dream Dust and the Power Dust, which have the immediate effects of either sleepiness or wakefulness. Other editors around the POPSUGAR office are devotees of Beauty Dust and Brain Dust, drinking them throughout the day — and joking that the overall taste when paired with plain water is a bit mushroom-y — and swearing by the results shown in their complexions and workplace focus.

However, as with all supplements, every unique body reacts differently. The best way to find out if supplemental dust will work for you is to sample it for yourself! Read on for links to buy, and let us know whether this hot wellness trend yields improvements in your own health routine.