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White Under Armour Sneakers to Shop

6 White Sneakers Worth Keeping Squeaky Clean

Image Source: Under Armour

It's an internal battle any of us who have purchased white sneakers have: wear them and risk getting them dirty, or keep them locked away but pristine. Obviously, the only way to enjoy your sneaker purchase is to break them out, wear them, and risk a little dirt every now and then. Although it can be a pain to get them back to their pearly white status, it can be done. Many sneakers can actually go in the washing machine, and a wall eraser like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ($2) can oftentimes do the trick on simple scuff marks. (Get more tips for how to clean white sneakers here!)

Never stress over the fear of purchasing white sneakers again, because these six options from Under Armour are totally worth the extra effort to keep them squeaky clean.

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