Why You're Always Getting Dizzy When You Run

Running conjures up all sorts of feelings from joy to serenity to downright disgust. All are totally normal, but some, like dizziness, are feelings that no one should experience during a run.


According to running professional Joanna Murphy, an expert at the nation's largest private coaching service, CoachUp, "Dizziness can sometimes be caused by blood sugar dropping too low." This is easy to remedy — just make sure to eat the right snack beforehand. Combinations of protein and carbohydrates like crackers with peanut butter or yogurt with fruit are good options. If you're running in the afternoon or evening, be sure to eat something about an hour or two before your run. Joanna adds, "If you're a roll-out-of-bed runner, then having a bedtime snack can also ward off a morning dip in blood sugar." Take extra precaution by eating a few bites of banana 15 minutes before heading out.

Since dizziness is one symptom of dehydration, staying hydrated during the day is also key. Because heat exhaustion can cause you to become lightheaded, bring water with you on every run and sip an ounce or two every 10 minutes or so. Avoid exercising outdoors in extreme heat by switching your runs to cooler times during the day, choosing shady or breezy settings, or heading indoors to the air-conditioned treadmill.

Joanna warns that it's not normal to experience dizziness frequently during runs, so if this is the case, it's best to consult a doctor to rule out anemia or other health issues.