This Trainer's Comment Will Completely Change Your Relationship With Food

With so many beautiful women gracing the covers of magazines and our Instagram feeds, there's constant pressure to change our bodies to look more like theirs. And it's easy to get consumed with weight-loss methods like calorie counting, especially as you begin to see desired results, but it's also important to take a step back and evaluate your relationship with food. During the Chicago stop of G. Sport Sessions, a fitness experience by Westin Hotels and Goop, Westin's Global Run Concierge Chris Heuisler made a comment to POPSUGAR that may forever alter the way you view food from a weight-loss perspective.

"I get concerned when I hear people look at food as a number," Chris told us. "I think food and eating and nourishing your body is a joyful experience. I want to enjoy my food; I want to enjoy the fact that I can eat food given how many people in this world cannot eat food. And if I diminish the joy of food by attaching a number of calories to it, how much can I really enjoy it?"

Chris acknowledged that he's sensitive to those who struggle with disordered eating but encourages others to "have a relationship with food that you're proud of." For example, if you're going to opt for a smoothie, feel good about it. Same as how you shouldn't punish yourself over a doughnut or two. We're all for leading a healthy lifestyle, but remember that food should be enjoyed and appreciated, not demonized.

"As long are your relationship with food is benign, then you're good to go," Chris said. "When it switches, you're in a pretty unhealthy territory. It's really not about a number."

So any time you're feeling guilty about a cheat meal, remind yourself that you're allowed to (and should!) enjoy what you love. Indulging every now and then won't do any harm, and what's most important is that you feel your best!