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"Wonder" by Shawn Mendes Dance Workout From MadFit

Squat and Dance Along to "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes — Your Day Will Be Made

For months now I've needed a feel-good song to belt at the top of my lungs — and my hopes were answered in October when Shawn Mendes released "Wonder." It's a tune you want to scream out of your car window even with strangers watching from the side of the road (which makes the launch of his album by the same name on Dec. 4 so exciting). And, fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner, known as MadFit, shared a three-minute dance workout set to "Wonder" a week after the hit was released. I'm still super into it!

The routine seen above incorporates choreography inspired by the music video, but it also gets sneaky by including lunges and squats at the same time. You'll see MadFit do jump squats, standing crunches, and more all while executing beautiful moves I love to see. Plus, try this 12-minute cardio dance session to some of Mendes's other songs like "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" and "Stitches," or check out a "Señorita" Pilates ab routine. If none of these are up your alley, get moving on your own with this Shawn Mendes workout playlist.

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