This 12-Minute Shawn Mendes Dance Workout Is the Quick Cardio Routine You've Been Craving

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It's no secret that we're Shawn Mendes fans over here, and when it comes to workout tunes, this 22-year-old singer always has a spot on our playlist. So naturally, we were pretty pumped to come across a full 12-minute cardio dance workout set to some of his greatest hits, from "Stitches" to "Señorita," created by YouTube fitness influencer Teagan Dixon.

The workout starts with some slower stretches and warmup moves before going into more intense moves like knee drives, punches, and a few different squat variations. It's all mixed in with flowy (but, thankfully, not overly challenging) dance moves that help you get into the music while you work up a sweat. While the overall pace is slower and accessible to all levels, the workout builds to a cardio section (think LOTS of jumping jacks) set to "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" that looks seriously heart-pumping. Check out the video above for the full, fun workout!