I Tested Zipper-Crotch Leggings on a Long Run — Here's What Happened When I Had to Pee

I love to go on long, leisurely runs down this country road about two miles from my house because of the rolling hills, adorable grazing cows and horses, and few cars. It is quiet and makes me feel free to run beside the open fields, but after about an hour of running, nature calls! Since no one is around, I can sneak behind a tree and do my business, but I hate pulling my pants down because if anyone did come by, they'd surely get a show.

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So when Zip Hers sent me a pair of its zipper-crotch Equal Endurance Tights ($105) to try, I was intrigued. See that circle-shaped metal tab in the picture below? You just pull on it and there's a full-length zipper that goes from the front all the way to the back, so you can unzip them and do your thing without having to take your leggings off. Kind of brilliant, right?

You can't wear undies underneath these leggings, because it'd be tough trying to pull them to the side without accidentally getting them wet. I was a wee bit (no pun intended) worried about zipping them back up for fear of getting something caught in the zipper, but you can see on the inside that the zipper is covered with two separate layers that wrap it and keep your parts protected.

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar
POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar
POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

I was brave and took these leggings out for a true road test — I didn't even test them in my bathroom at home first. I wanted to see if they really worked. You'll be happy to know that I did not pee on myself! These worked perfectly. I was able to unzip the zipper completely, pop a squat behind a willow tree, and relieve myself without getting wet and without revealing my backside for all the cows and horses to see. Not exposing my bum also kept me warm, and I was able to unzip, pee, and rezip, and was quickly back on my way. Since I'm not a fan of dripping dry, I also brought along a Kula pee cloth.

You can't see the zipper at all on the outside, and because it's a superthin zipper, you can't really feel it either — they just feel like regular leggings. Zip Hers also makes running shorts ($80), which would be ideal with the warmer weather coming. Think of how easy it will be to pee during a race, or when you're out hiking in the woods. I love that this product not only works, but it's empowering to anyone with a vagina so they can feel like they can go out on adventures and not let a little thing like having to go to the bathroom get in their way.

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