I'm So Excited to Bring This Kula Cloth Along on My Long Runs (When I Need to Pee!)

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On long-distance runs when I'm going longer than 45 minutes, without fail, I always have to pee. But I run in the woods or along dirt roads, so it's not like there's a convenient ladies room I can pop into (unless you call going behind a tree to pop a squat convenient).

But when nature calls, I can't ignore it (or else nature will drip down my running shorts and into my socks). So I find a discreet place to relieve myself, but I'm left to drip dry, which I hate! But luckily, I just discovered that reusable pee cloths exist. This Kula Cloth ($22) is just what I've been looking for.


Here's how it works: there's a supersoft absorbent antimicrobial side you use to wipe yourself after you pee, and a durable waterproof side so your hand won't get wet when you wipe. When you're finished going, you fold it in half and snap it so the wet pee side stays in and you can use the handy loop to snap it to the outside of your backpack or running belt.

I'm so excited to try this out! It may be small, but it makes me feel so empowered as an active woman. I always thought it was unfair that since I don't have a penis, I couldn't just pee standing up whenever I needed to. And although that's still anatomically impossible, this is the closest thing to being able to easily take care of business on long runs, walks in the woods, hiking, or camping. Go check out all the cute patterns!