Turns Out, Vegan Nacho Cheese Is So Easy to Make (and Only Requires 6 Ingredients)

Whether you're starting to plan out some tasty dishes to serve this holiday season or are looking for a new treat to enjoy while you binge watch your favorite Netflix series, TikTok has proven it's a great place to find culinary gems. For instance, TikTok has shown us how to make mini pancake cereal, at-home s'mores, and even homemade Poptarts. Which is why it's one of our first places to check when we need to add some excitement into the kitchen.

One of our favorite easy-to-make TikTok recipes right now is this six-ingredient vegan nacho cheese dip created by TikTok user @turnipvegan, who shows us how to prepare a supersimple nacho cheese dip that can be served as a snack with family or enjoyed with close friends during a socially distanced get-together. All you need are raw cashews, a small amount of vegetable stock, nutritional yeast, paprika, a jalapeño, and salt and pepper. To prepare, simply soak the cashews, blend all your ingredients together, and voila! You will have an incredibly creamy, wonderfully tasty, vegan cheese dip that can easily be served up alongside tortilla chips, pretzels, or even chopped vegetables.