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Aldi Vista Bay Hard Seltzer

Aldi's 100-Calorie Hard Seltzer Is Here, and Yep, I Need That Coconut Mango Flavor

Picture this: it's a beautiful 80-degree Summer day, you're lounging out at the nearest body of water, and an inexplicable thirst starts to take over. Are you going to get up and start mixing a drink? No! You're going to pop open one of Aldi's delicious Vista Bay Hard Seltzer cans. It's no secret that canned alcoholic beverages have been taking over our shopping carts, from canned cider to canned organic sake, but the affordable grocery store's first in-house boozy seltzer is only 100 calories and comes in some tasty flavors.

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer is available now in Coconut Mango, Ruby Grapefruit, Natural Lime, and Black Cherry, all of which are gluten-free and contain 5 percent ABV. And we haven't even mentioned the price! A pack of six 12-ounce cans costs less than $6. Someone please put me in charge of drinks this Summer so I can load up on boxes of Aldi's Vista Bay Hard Seltzer ASAP.

Image Source: Courtesy of Aldi
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