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Best Mocktail Recipes

50+ Mocktail Recipes You'll Want to Pour All Night Long

Best Mocktail Recipes
Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Nonalcoholic cocktails have grown up. With the increasing popularity of the sober curious movement, sometimes also called the damp lifestyle, there's been a resurgence in alcohol-free choices and delicious mocktail recipes circulating the internet. Challenges like Dry January and Sober October help people dabble in quitting or at least cutting back on alcohol for periods of time. Even celebrities like Bella Hadid and Blake Lively have joined in on the clean drink fun, creating viral mocktail recipes and nonalcoholic mixers.

And why not? Nonalcohol cocktails can be just as delicious and exciting as alcohol-filled cocktails and tend to be healthier too (since they don't contain, you know, alcohol). We've moved way beyond the Shirley Temple (although we're not going to hate on a classic ST). There are a plethora of alcohol-free choices these days, including premixed versions of bitters, tonics, and beer that's not really beer, all of which make crafting a delicious mocktail recipe way easier, and more fun, than ever.

So whether you're interested in damp living, you want to make sure to have some nonboozy options for your next party, you're pregnant, or you're just looking for a fun drink that won't leave you feeling horrible the next day, these mocktail recipes are all you need. They range from complex and tangy to sweet and fruity. So sip back and relax with one of these 50-plus mocktail recipes.

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