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Hiyo Social Tonics Review

These Alcohol-Free Social Tonics Are Just as Satisfying as a Cocktail

Hiyo Social Tonics Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Annalise Mantz

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Dry January is usually not my cup of tea. In fact, I've never been big on setting sweeping New Year's resolutions; banning something from my diet altogether only makes me want it more.

Moderation is the name of the game for me, so while I abstain from drinking alcohol now and then, I don't see the appeal of staying sober all January long only to hit up a happy hour on Feb. 1. Still, I'm all about finding healthier options I actually enjoy, so I was intrigued by Hiyo, a line of alcohol-free social tonics.

Hiyo infuses each of its three flavors with adaptogens and nootropics like ashwagandha, cordyceps mushrooms, and lion's mane — promising a natural mood-boosting lift instead of a boozy buzz. And at just 25 calories per can, Hiyo is also much lower in calories than a cocktail or glass of wine.

Fresh off a Christmas vacation filled with rich food and plenty of wine, I decided to test out all three flavors of Hiyo. Though I don't see myself giving up alcohol completely anytime soon, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this booze-free beverage. My husband and I both enjoyed the bold, fruity flavors, and sipping Hiyo felt just as satisfying as a cocktail or a glass of wine. Plus, if you order two or more 12-packs of Hiyo by Jan. 31, you'll receive a $22 gift card! Keep scrolling for my review of all three flavors.

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