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Brownie Batter Oreos Release Date

Should You Pick Up a Bag of Oreo's New Brownie Batter Flavor?

Brownie Batter Oreos ($5) are finally here! The latest limited-edition flavor features the standard cocoa Oreo cookie sandwiched around a brownie batter filling. While Oreo's highly anticipated s'mores flavor wasn't our favorite, we had high hopes for the new brownie batter flavor. But does the filling actually taste like brownie batter?

Our tasters admitted the texture had a rich, batter-like consistency to it. Some agreed the filling resembled brownie batter, while others couldn't distinguish the distinct batter-y flavor. Half of the reviewers praised these Oreos as better than the original; while others admitted the new Oreos are delicious, but they didn't blow them away.

To make sure Oreo wasn't repackaging its chocolate creme flavor, we did a side-by-side taste test. The chocolate creme has the texture and flavor of icing, while the brownie batter takes on a fudgier texture and cocoa-rich flavor. Overall, we preferred the brownie batter.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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