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How to Peel an Orange

This Genius Hack Will Forever Change How You Eat Your Oranges

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a juicy orange and immediately thought to yourself, "Gee, I really wish there were a way to eat this thing without having to peel away, like, 47 itsy-bitsy pieces of skin before finally getting to devour it"? We certainly have on more than one occasion, but we've just discovered a genius hack for peeling oranges that will forever change the way you eat the fruit.

Simply start by using a knife to slice through the skin all the way around the middle (without puncturing the actual inner fruit part!). Then place a large spoon under the skin, and slowly work your way around the fruit to remove the outer layer on both halves. Once you've finished carving, you should be able to cleanly remove both halves of the skin from the fruit.

Voila! A fruit-prepping hack that actually works! If you're ready to say sayonara to having orange peel remnants under your fingernails all day, give this one a try the next time you're ready to enjoy some of those juicy slices. Watch the video above to see this must-know method in action.

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