We Can't Get Enough of This Genius Watermelon Skinning Trick

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You may have mastered cutting watermelon into cubes and slices, but how about "skinning" a watermelon? One former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, invented a process that presents the fruit in a way you've never imagined — and if you bring it to your next summer party, it's sure to be a hit.

This hack isn't just an easy way to cut open and serve a watermelon; it's more of a party trick. When it's finished, you can open up the rind, and the inside flesh is left as a completely intact, big ball of watermelon. You can then chop it up and serve it as usual.

Want to try it for yourself? Here's how to try Rober's watermelon skinning trick.

How to Skin a Watermelon

You'll need: two watermelons that are similar in shape and side, a sharp knife, a new dish scrubbing pad

  1. Carefully remove all of the rind from the first watermelon using a sharp knife. Start by chopping off each end, and then remove the sides and corners so there's no green rind left.
  2. Go around the watermelon again, using the knife to remove any white rind that's left.
  3. Using a clean, new dish scrubbing pad, smooth the surface of the watermelon. Set aside.
  4. Take the second watermelon, and cut it into two halves. Gut it using your favorite method to remove the fruit but leave the rind intact (and save that fruit to eat later!). Scoop out any remaining fruit with a spoon so the inside of the rind is smooth.
  5. Place the skinned watermelon into the empty rind, and you've got yourself a twist-apart melon.

Watch the video to see exactly how Rober did it, including other clever variations to try.