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Prosecco-Flavored Cupcake Frosting

Cheers! Prosecco-Flavored Cupcake Frosting Exists, but There's a Catch

If you're looking for the perfect dessert to go with your Prosecco-flavored popsicles, you're in luck. Thanks to a recent find by Elite Daily, we now know that Prosecco-flavored cupcake frosting (£2.49) does exist. Described as "perfect for topping and filling cakes and biscuits," the champagne-flavored frosting is surprisingly alcohol free! If Prosecco isn't your drink of choice, Lakeland also offers a ready-to-use Gin and Tonic frosting (£2.49) — also alcohol free — to elevate your basic cupcakes. If these booze-flavored frosting options sound like something you need, (of course they do), purchase one of each, then learn how you can make your own champagne cupcakes at home.

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