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Raclette Restaurant New York City

This Restaurant Serves Melted Cheese Wheels Scraped Right Onto Your Plate

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Sweet dreams are made of cheese, and a restaurant called Raclette in NYC is making your wildest fantasies come true. The restaurant, as implied by its name, specializes in raclettes, a popular Swiss food that's essentially melted wheels of cheese. You can choose from a variety of raclettes, which are all scraped tableside; a waiter literally brings your own personal sizzling wheel of cheese to the table and scrapes off every last melted bit onto your plate. If this sounds too good to be true, you're going to want to keep reading — we assure you, it's not.

The menu of raclettes includes the Savoyarde ($15), which is melted French raclette cheese scraped onto roasted new potatoes, cornichons, and pickled white pearl onions, and the Mediterranée ($20), or thyme-roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes with rack-melted raclette. Every raclette meal is served with a slice of baguette (perfect for dipping) and an arugula salad (if you feel like adding some health to your plate).

Aside from the cheese wheels, the menu includes plenty of other attractive options like tartines and croque monsieurs. But let's be real — most people choose the jaw-dropping raclettes for obvious reasons. To get a sense of the experience and reinvigorate your cheese cravings, take a look at some of the most mesmerizing photos and videos customers at Raclette have shared, and be prepared to add this restaurant to your bucket list on your next NYC visit.

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