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Where to Buy Oreo Cool Whip Mix-Ins

Screw Spoons — I Need a Damn SHOVEL to Devour This New Oreo Cool Whip

Ladies and gentlemen, I have three words that just might make your sweet tooth do a happy dance: Oreo Cool Whip. Yup, it exists now, and it looks fan-freakin'-tastic, y'all. I mean, did you expect anything less from two dessert powerhouses like Cool Whip and Oreo?

This heavenly, sugary concoction, properly known as Cool Whip Mix-Ins, incorporates pieces of your favorite cream-filled cookie (Oreos, duh) into the best pie topper out there (Cool Whip, obviously). Sure, it's probably not the healthiest combination in the world, but you can bet your ass that won't deter me from eating this stuff by the spoonful shovelful. I may even experiment with freezing it, and then slicing it up like my very own DIY icebox cake!

It's a bit unclear when this glorious product first sprouted angel wings and descended from the heavens to land on store shelves, but Instagram user thejunkfoodaisle alerted us to its existence in the beginning of March, and a few passionate foodies who have tasted it have given it stellar reviews ever since. Instagram user junkfoodmom described it as an "Oreo mousse" that's "light, creamy with a delicate cookies n cream flavor." Um, we're sold!

We can only confirm that the eight-ounce Oreo Cool Whip Mix-Ins tubs are now available at Safeway and Walmart, though we're hoping to see them pop up at every single supermarket on the face of the planet in the coming weeks. If this stuff's as good as that limited edition cheesecake-flavored Cool Whip, it's sure to be a total game-changer.

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