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Kroger Is Selling "Unicorn Bread," and It's Covered in Sprinkles and Frosting!

The unicorn resurgence is in full force, and it's truly showing no signs of slowing down in its horn-led charge toward worldwide domination. Target is selling a glittery unicorn ice cream, the entire internet lost its collective mind over Sam's Club's ginormous unicorn pool float, and some people are even wiping their nether regions with unicorn-themed toilet paper. So it should come as no surprise that packaged unicorn bread is now on store shelves.

The Arizona-based carb experts at Bakehouse Bread Company created their very own Unicorn Bread to sell exclusively at Kroger stores, and it looks like a sugary masterpiece. This mystical treat is essentially a hexagonal loaf of cakey, vanilla-flavored bread slathered in vanilla frosting and then covered in rainbow sprinkles (referred to as "unicorn sparkle" on the packaging). Although there appears to be nothing sparkly about the bread, I have no doubt that the passionate unicorn-lovers of the world will snatch this stuff up faster than they bought Kellogg's limited-edition Unicorn Cereal — mark my words!

These colorful loaves of vanilla-filled goodness will only be available at Kroger stores through the month of April, so throw on your unicorn slippers and head to the nearest Kroger to snag your own sprinkle-encrusted Unicorn Bread before it's too late.

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