Aldi's Bubbly Margarita Wine Cocktails Have 9.9% ABV Per Can — Any Questions?

The phrase "bubbly margarita wine cocktail" may sound like a Mad Libs-style mashup straight out of your wildest, booziest dreams, but this concoction actually exists in real life. In fact, you can buy it in canned form at Aldi right now. Made by Rancho La Gloria, the brand behind similar bottled wine-based margaritas also sold at Aldi, the ready-to-sip cocktails combine agave wine with real lime juice and bubbles for an added fizzy touch. Just pour over ice or drink 'em chilled, straight from the can.

Another highly important detail worth noting: whereas most popular canned alcoholic offerings these days typically contain around 4-6 percent ABV, each of these bright green, 250-milliliter cans boasts a whopping 9.9 percent ABV — so, yeah, your summer weekends are about to get 9.9 times more lit. A post from Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit indicates you can score a four-pack of Rancho La Gloria's bubbly margarita wine cocktails at Aldi for $7. It looks like the grocery retailer currently only has the brand's classic lime flavor on shelves, but my fingers are crossed for the mango and strawberry flavors to roll out this summer too. So, who's ready for poolside sparkling margs?