Aldi's Fruity Lime and Strawberry Margaritas Replace Tequila With Wine, and We're Listening

Sometimes a cocktail and some quiet time are all you need to imagine you're on a tropical getaway, and Aldi is selling wine-based margaritas that have me ready to pack my imaginary bags for a trip straight to the refrigerator. Made by Rancho La Gloria, the fruity cocktails are available in the cold beverage section at participating Aldi locations for $13 per 750-milliliter bottle, but availability does vary by region. The drinks, spotted by Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit, have also been seen at Whole Foods, Publix, Ralph's, and H-E-B locations across the country.

Replacing tequila with wine isn't my first thought when making a margarita, but the 13.9-percent ABV has me willing to try a sip (or several) of the delicious-looking drinks. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at the wine-based margaritas in the wild, and find them at your local Aldi or order them for yourself via Instacart.