This Is Not a Drill: Apple Pie Oreos Are Coming to a Shelf Near You!

The latest crazy Oreo flavor coming to a shelf near you is Apple Pie! One of our trusty new-snack hunters, Instagram user thejunkfoodaisle, first shared a photo of the packaging in April, saying, "Coming soon! Limited-edition Apple Pie Oreo! Featuring a graham flavored cookie, these Oreos should be out this Summer." And now, Apple Pie Oreos have arrived at Target! The cookie has arrived just in time for the upcoming Fall season and is selling for $3 per package.

We've never thought about combining apple pie and golden Oreos, but we have to say, it sounds pretty damn delicious. A graham cookie with an apple-flavored creme filling that tastes like one of our favorite desserts sounds almost too good to be true, so here's hoping these new cookies taste as amazing as they sound. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for these on shelves, and in the meantime, we plan on stocking up on edible Oreo cookie dough.