We're Wild and Crazy About Ben & Jerry's New SNL Flavor

In honor of Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary, Ben & Jerry's released the third out of four flavors inspired by the show. We've already tried Lazy Sunday and Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch, but how would its newest flavor in the lineup — Two Wild and Crazy Pies — compare? The ice cream, exclusive to Ben & Jerry's scoop shops around the US, combines coconut cream pie ice cream, chocolate cream pie ice cream, and chocolate cookie chunks. Ben & Jerry's sought to combine two unique flavors that "cruise and swing so successfully," as the Festrunk Brothers famously say.

The Festrunk Brothers (aka Two Wild and Crazy Guys ) Sketch

How It Tastes

It's rare that an ice cream flavor achieves sheer perfection, but this blend manages to do such. It's like a coconutty cookies and cream. The crunchy coconut flakes and cookie pieces add a nice, contrasting texture to the blend of rich chocolate and coconut ice creams. One taster described it as "a frozen macaroon," another said it was like "frozen hot chocolate," and one simply left a smiley face. Everyone admitted they would buy it in an instant and lamented the fact that it's not available for purchase by the pint in grocery stores. Yes, Ben & Jerry's, this flavor swings very successfully.