A Definitive Ranking of the Costco Food Court Offerings

One of the biggest mistakes one can make while grocery shopping is tackling the task on an empty stomach. Big box retailer Costco Wholesale never fails to come to the rescue on this front, offering a stocked food court conveniently right in front of the checkout line. The food court has both perks and drawbacks. On the one hand, it's very quick and inexpensive, but on the other, several items are prepared well before you even order. However, after performing a taste test on all of the menu's main offerings, my fiancé and I found that there are a couple of other winners within the bunch. Read on to see what our surprising number one pick is.


Chicken Caesar Salad

Immediately after picking up our order, my fiancé and I could tell this would be our least favorite item from our spread. A caesar salad with creamy dressing is rarely actually a "healthy choice," and the less-than-fresh ingredients, bland chicken, and salty croutons didn't really help its case. Not only that, but a caesar salad isn't even supposed to have tomatoes.


Turkey Provolone Sandwich

Even though it wasn't advertised as such, we're guessing this was supposed to be a panini-style sandwich since it was served warm. However, all the ingredients, which also included onions, were congealed together into a tough brick that was hard to chew. We each could only handle one bite.


Brisket Sandwich

We live in Texas, so we're guessing this is our state's substitute for a burger that is found in most other Costco locations. However, Texas is known for amazing barbecue, and this overly salty and dry sandwich didn't even come close.



My fiance is a native Mexican, and right away he noted that this was not a legit churro. He was right — it wasn't sweet and buttery with every bite, but rather, bland, chewy, and tough at the same time.


Pepperoni Pizza

We were sorely disappointed by this one, as the pizza is known to be one of the food court's most popular items. The slice we got came with a giant air bubble, which not only made it less than aesthetically pleasing, but took away prime cheese and pepperoni space. All around, this pizza was pretty bland and too chewy.


Chicken Bake

This gigantic calzone-style pocket was essentially a large piece of french bread stuffed with cheese, chicken, bacon, and caesar dressing. My first few bites were just delicious bread, but once I got to the center it was just too much. This rich "sandwich" is a surefire stomachache for anyone who actually attempts to finish the whole thing. Costco, take this one down a notch.



This one is our go-to when we happen to be starving after a shopping trip. At only $2, you get freshly cooked hot dog and fluffy bun with fresh onions and delicious condiments. I just wish they offered a little more in the way of toppings, such as cheese and bacon.


Strawberry Sundae

You can't really go wrong with Costco's creamy vanilla soft-serve with strawberry sauce. My only request would have been offering it in a smaller size.


Beef Chili With Cheese

I was surprised this item ended up being my favorite, as chili is something I almost never order when eating out. But this one was perfectly hearty and meaty, a top pick for a cold Winter day.