I'm an RD Who Hated Kombucha Until I Stumbled Upon GT's Synergy Pomelo Pink Lemonade

Synergy raw kombucha review
Lauren Manaker and Photo Illustration by Keila Gonzalez
Lauren Manaker and Photo Illustration by Keila Gonzalez
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As a registered dietitian, I am well-versed in the potential benefits of being a regular kombucha drinker. From the live probiotics that can help support gut health to the real tea that gives this drink a boost of antioxidants, it isn't hard to believe that a glass of "booch" (I think that's what kombucha drinkers call it) is a positive addition to a healthy and balanced diet.

But that taste! As much as I tried, I simply couldn't get on board with that quintessential tart flavor that kombucha boasts. Not to yuck your yum if you are into it, but for me, kombucha has always tasted like fizzy vinegar. Hard pass.

Then, I accidentally tried GT's Synergy Raw Kombucha's Pomelo Pink Lemonade ($3.50) at a friend's house (thinking it was a bottle of true lemonade). Since then, I've become a full-blown kombucha convert.

What I Like About GT's Synergy Raw Kombucha Pomelo Pink Lemonade

This booch offers all that you'd expect in a classic kombucha and then some. For starters, it's packed with live probiotics (each bottle has 9 billion living probiotics) and real tea (this one uses both black and green teas). The acetic acid present may also help support healthy blood sugars may help support healthy blood sugars. And generally, kombucha consumption may offer anti-inflammatory effects, support liver health, and help promote a healthy balance of "good" bacteria in the gut thanks to the ingredients typically found in these bottles.

Along with the tried-and-true quality kombucha must-haves, this drink also has some additional bells and whistles that make the drink superior. Unlike other kombuchas I've tried, this pink lemonade flavor offers a distinct, but enjoyable sweet and tart taste, compliments of ingredients like pomelo juice, yuzu juice, and jasmine extract.

Pomelo is a tropical fruit that looks similar to grapefruit, but is typically larger and sweeter. While yuzu is a citrus fruit originating from East Asia that is a hybrid between the wild mandarin orange and the Ichang papeda. Both are tart and citrusy — perfect for a pink lemonade.

Plus, while other lemonade-type drinks are loaded with added sugar, this one only contains only 3 grams per serving without the addition of any artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

What's Worth Noting About GT's Synergy Raw Kombucha Pomelo Pink Lemonade

Like most raw and true kombuchas, this drink isn't for everyone. Pregnant people should drink most kombuchas with caution, including this one. Synergy raw kombuchas specifically are naturally fermented for 30-45 days, and during this process, alcohol is created. As such, this booth isn't 100 percent booze-free.

People who avoid grapefruit because of potential medication interactions (like statins) should also avoid drinks made with pomelo, a major component of this booch. Similar to grapefruits, pomelos can interfere with the enzymes that metabolize statins in the body, which can lead to an increased concentration of the medication in the bloodstream, potentially enhancing the side effects associated with statins.

Those avoiding caffeine should steer clear of this kombucha, too. Because it is made with tea, GT's Synergy kombucha does contain some caffeine (8-14 mg per 250 mL serving).

Who Is GT's Synergy Raw Kombucha Pomelo Pink Lemonade Good For?

GT's Synergy kombucha is good for most people who want to support their gut health, include more antioxidants in their diet, and enjoy a drink that is low in added sugar.

This particular flavor is perfect for people who love the taste of a tangy lemonade-like beverage but want the added health benefits that only kombucha can offer. The combo of sweet pomelo, tart yuzu, and delicate jasmine — plus 9 billion living probiotics — makes for a modern pink lemonade twist with health benefits to boot.

Where Is GT's Synergy Raw Kombucha Pomelo Pink Lemonade Available?

This variety of kombucha can be found at all Sprouts, H.E.B., Meijer, Giant Food, HyVee, Shoprite & Lowes stores. Bottles typically retail for $3.50 and up.

Lauren Manaker is an award-winning registered dietitian and freelance writer who is passionate about providing evidence-based nutrition information in a fun and interesting way.