Every Dish You Need to Get While Eating Around the World at Epcot

Disney's Epcot is one of the best places to snack and try new cuisines, but the options can be overwhelming. Dining at the various restaurants and snack stands is an essential part of the Disney experience, and often becomes a favorite part of the trip for visitors. There are 11 countries in Epcot's World Showcase, which basically allows you to travel all around the world, experience different cultures, and taste different cuisines — all without ever leaving the park. But if you aren't sure which dish to get at each stop, we've put together a handy list of all the must-try dishes at Epcot. From poutine in Canada to ramen in Japan, here are the top 20 food items to taste the next time you eat around the world.


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich in France

L'Artisan des Glaces in Epcot's France Pavilion is home to the drool-worthy macaron ice cream sandwich. It's offered in chocolate and additional seasonal flavors.


Braised Confit in France

For a more filling dish in the France pavilion, try the Canard Confit à la Provençal (braised confit). This creation is new to Fleur de Lys this year and worth a taste.


Poutine in Canada

You can't visit the Canada pavilion without a taste of poutine. At Refreshment Port, there's various poutine dishes, such as brisket and beer cheese, traditional, and pork.


Scotch Egg in the United Kingdom

The Scotch Egg at Rose & Crown in the United Kingdom pavilion is a must-try. It's a golden-fried hard-boiled egg that's wrapped in sausage with mustard sauce on the side.


Fish and Vegetable Tagine in Morocco

When in Morocco, indulging in tagine is always necessary. At Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot, the fish and vegetable tagine are visitor favorites.


Ramen in Japan

At Katsura Grill in the Japan pavilion, the Tonkotsu Ramen, served with pork and vegetables, is super popular. The restaurant also serves teriyaki, sushi, udon, beer, sake, and more.


Shaved Ice in Japan

The Kabuki Cafe is most famous for its Kakigori, an icy sweet treat from the streets of Japan. The Japanese shaved ice treat is available in rainbow, strawberry, melon, cherry, tangerine, or blue raspberry.


Funnel Cake in America

At the America Adventure pavilion, funnel cakes are a must. This twist on the traditional funnel cake offers key lime ice cream and crushed graham cracker on top!


Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini in Italy

Have a taste of Italy by ordering the tri-colored cheese tortellini dish at Primavera Kitchen. It comes with sage butter and chicken, and is just as delicious as it sounds.


Cannoli Cupcake in Italy

You'll find the best snack of all at Italy's Gelato Kiosk — the cannoli cupcake. This dessert is made with a vanilla bean cupcake that's topped with a ricotta-filled cannoli.


Pretzel Bread With Ham and Cheese in Germany

At the Lunching Pad in the Germany pavilion, there's a bunch of delicious options, but you definitely need to try the toasted pretzel bread with black forest ham and melted Gruyère cheese.


Warm Cheese Strudel With Mixed Berries in Germany

This delicious warm cheese strudel with mixed berries is found at Bauernmarkt Farmer's Market in Germany. It also makes for the perfect photo spot across from Spaceship Earth.


Crab and Cheese Wontons⁣ in China

These mouth-watering deep-fried wonton wrappers are filled with crab and a cream cheese mixture and are available at Lotus House in the China pavilion.


Lotus Cotton Candy in China

The ultimate sweet treat can be found at Lotus House. It's a rainbow lotus flower-designed cotton candy that people of all ages will enjoy.


Bubble Tea in China

Bubble tea is a must when visiting the China pavilion. It's a great treat to sip on while walking around the rest of the park.


School Bread in Norway

In the Norway pavilion is the beloved Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, which serves up several sugary treat options. But the Norwegian School Bread, which is a sweet roll filled with custard, is the most popular dessert.


Green Apple Cheesecake in Norway

At Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is Sven's Green Apple Cheesecake, a delightful dessert made up of a dome of cheesecake filled with spiced apples, coated in pourable fondant and placed atop a shortbread round.


Guacamole With Fried Flour Chicharrón in Mexico

At the Choza de Margarita restaurant in Mexico is the must-try guacamole that's topped with mango and pumpkin seeds. It's also served with fried flour chicharrón, salsa valentina, and lime.


Elote Corn in Mexico

The street food at the Mexico pavilion is worth a try, too. Be sure to pick up elote on the way, the Mexican street corn roasted over an open grill and coated with salt and chili powder.


Empanadas in Mexico

Choza de Margarita has empanadas filled with barbacoa beef, topped with chipotle sauce, crema Mexicana, and queso fresco.