Trader Joe's Dropped New Items Just in Time For the Holidays

For fans of Trader Joe's, stocking up on the grocery store chain's new items is a seasonal highlight. When the inventory turns over, people race to buy viral items, clearing out shelves and snagging novelty samples for the flavor, packaging, and affordability. The only downside to the never-ending variety is watching a previously beloved snack disappear for good.

From delicious vegan options to cheap and tasty wines, Trader Joe's new items change so frequently, it's almost impossible to keep up. Plus, with intriguing Trader Joe's products appearing in store when you least expect them, it can make you vulnerable to impulse buys. Take it from us: given all the yummy snack options, it's best to know what's waiting before you head to the store (lest you accidentally drop $1,000 on groceries).

To help you navigate your next TJ's trip, we rounded up all the latest can't-miss items to consider tossing in your cart. Hopefully, the preview will help you narrow down your shopping list (or at least give you an idea of what to look out for). The truth is, these Trader Joe's products are so tasty, you might just have to buy doubles.

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Theresa Massony, Charlotte Kho, Naomi Parris, Clara Amelia, Mirel Zaman, Lauren Mazzo, and Chandler Plante


Italian Tiramisu

The new-and-improved TJ's tiramisu features new packaging and two individually wrapped tiramisu. Satisfy your sweet tooth with cocoa-dusted layers of coffee-soaked ladyfinger cookies and mascarpone cheese.


Pretzel Bread Pudding

The holidays call for bread pudding. This one is the ideal balance of salty and sweet, with a decadent salted-caramel sauce and pretzel pieces baked in an egg custard.


Cinnamon Bun Inspired Pancake & Waffle Mix

Start your morning off right with this cinnamon-bun-inspired mix. It can be used to make both pancakes and waffles.


Iced Gingerbread Squares

Ring in the holidays with these soft baked gingerbread treats. Made with brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and a touch of lemon purée, each of the six squares are packed with festive flavor. Just let thaw at room temperature an hour before eating.


Cinnamon Swizzle Sticks

These swizzle sticks will spice up any drink. Made up of crunchy cinnamon rock sugar, we're especially excited to see them melt in a mug of hot cocoa or coffee.


Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread

Spread the holiday cheer . . . cheese. This cheddar cheese spread has everything but the Thanksgiving turkey, featuring sweetened cranberries, cinnamon, and a little Riesling. We already know it would steal the show on any holiday charcuterie board.


Chicken Shawarma Bowl

The new TJ's chicken shawarma bowl makes a quick and delicious Mediterranean dinner. Shawarma-style chicken is the star of the show, along with basmati rice, red bell pepper, spinach, and garlic sour cream.


Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts

These brussels sprouts have main-character energy. The new kung pao brussels sprouts are sweet and spicy, tossed in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and chili peppers.


Herbes de Provence Triangles

These puff pastry crackers come all the way from France. Their buttery base is seasoned with garlic and onion and topped with plenty of herbs, making them ideal for charcuterie, soup, or any kind of savory dip.


Stollen Crisps

Stollen crisps are sweet crackers inspired by the traditional German bread. Typically made around the holidays, Stollen bread usually includes nuts, spices, and dried fruit. The cracker version is much the same, featuring raisins, powdered sugar, and orange peels.


Figgy Cheddar

Move over, figgy pudding. Keeping the holiday flavors going strong, figgy cheddar is the new cheese on the chopping block, featuring actual pieces of marinated fig.


Cinnamon Bun Oat Creamer

This non-dairy creamer got a makeover just in time for winter. Meet the cinnamon bun version of TJ's classic oat creamer, perfect for any and all holiday beverages.


Chocolate Mochi

Chocolate mochi is here, and honestly, we can't believe it took this long. Chocolate-lovers will be happy to see this ice cream treat on shelves, joining a host of other flavors like green tea, ube, and caramel apple.


Tiniest Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almost too cute to be true, these teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies make a great ice cream topper, addition to homemade trail mix, road trip snack, or even bowl of cereal.


Pomodoro Cremoso Salad Kit

It might just be the Italian name, but this new Pomodoro Cremoso (aka "creamy tomato") Trader Joe's salad kit makes the idea of a quick bagged salad seem gloriously fancy. It comes with an Italian-inspired, five-lettuce blend, plus a creamy tomato vinaigrette, rosemary focaccia croutons, and Parmesan cheese crisps.


Squiggly Knife Cut Style Noodles

The Squiggly Knife Cut Style Noodles is a great quick, go-to lunch or dinner for the days you can't be bothered to meal prep. Each noodle serving comes with its own soy and sesame sauce, which creates the perfect base for your favorite veggies or protein.


Celebration Cake Gelato

Trader Joe's fans cannot stop talking about this new treat. Celebration Cake Gelato comes with cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles, perfect for making any day feel like an occasion.


Tiny Fruity Cuties

Kelsey Lynch of @TraderJoesFoodReviews calls this fruity new breakfast cereal a "cross between fruit loops and trix." Snack on it dry when you're craving something sweet, or eat it with milk and a spoon — just don't forget to drink up the pink milk when you're done.


Mini (Almost) Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers

TJ's is always finding new ways to deliver one of our favorite products, the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. Mini (Almost) Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers are like a bagel and cream cheese shrunk down into mini-cracker-sandwich form.


Organic Very Green Soup!

Perfect for when you want a fast but healthy lunch, this soup is made with a coconut milk and miso base (so it's filling and satisfying) and has spinach, kale, and broccoli, so you know you're doing something good for your body.


Snacky Clusters

For those of us who can't get enough salty-sweet combos, these clusters are for you. They include potato chips, corn chips, and pretzels, all enrobed in delicious milk chocolate. Buy a few bags.


Vegan Poke

The secret ingredient to this vegan bowl is beets. It tastes best chilled, and we love it over rice.


Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds

When you need just a little sweetness but don't want a sugar crash, these lightly coated chocolate almonds are the perfect treat.