The 27 Best Snacks at Trader Joe's Right Now

It's tough to walk out of a Trader Joe's without a bevy of snacks, whether you planned to pick them up or your trip was supposed to be a regular grocery shopping trip. Of course, there's a lot of great things you can say about, for instance, Trader Joe's cheese or Trader Joe's wine, or even Trader Joe's appetizers and Trader Joe's breakfasts. But Trader Joe's snacks reign supreme. They're what makes it so tempting to dawdle in the aisles of Trader Joe's, reading each package and spotting all the new snacks the grocery store has displayed that week. Looking for a dip? TJ's has it. Craving a crunch? No problem. In search of sweet or spicy? Sure thing. Whatever your snacking style, there's a bite tailored to you that won't drain your piggy bank.

Of course, what makes the list of the best Trader Joe's snacks are going to depend on who you ask. But we think there's a certain formula to what makes Trader Joe's snacks great. A familiar texture combined with an unexpected flavor or add-in, topped with some attention-grabbing packaging or name and voila: a TJ's snack you can't resist. One thing we can't agree on, though, is whether classic Trader Joe's snacks are what make us keeping going back for more (looking at you, Joe-Joes), or if it's the novelty of always having new Trader Joe's snacks to choose from.

Luckily, we don't have to choose. We've rounded up a selection of snacks you'll find on the shelves of TJ's this year: some new, some classic, and all affordably delicious. Keep reading for all of the best Trader Joe's snacks that your kitchen needs.

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.

Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Lauren Harano, Charlotte Kho, Naomi Parris, and Mirel Zaman


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Dark Chocolate Pineapple Sticks

You might be familiar with Trader Joe's orange sticks or watermelon sticks. These pineapple sticks are the next frontier, and they're just as delicious. A core of pineapple jelly is enrobed by perfectly sweet dark chocolate. Bonus? They're made for TJs by a family-owned candy business.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Mini Cheeseburgers

Some people would argue that you can't call a cheeseburger a snack, but a mini cheeseburger (aka a slider)? Totally fair game. The buzz around these new snacks is ridiculous, so if you find the little patties, each nestled between a sweet Aloha roll, snag 'em STAT.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Tangerine Cream Bars

These bars encapsulate so much of what we love about TJs. They're delicious, perfect for the season, and also just a little offbeat (we've had orange creamsicles, but never tangerine ones!).


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Carolina Gold BBQ Flavored Potato Chips

These chips come and go at TJs, and they're always eagerly awaited. It's not your typical BBQ chip; Carolina BBQ has a tangy mustard base instead of the sweet ketchup varieties. We also love a ridged chip.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Buffalo-Style Chicken Dip

If you've ever spent hours prepping the homdemade version of this dip, you'll consider this Trader Joe's Buffalo-Style Chicken Dip a party savior. Complete with bite-size pieces of white meat chicken breast, this creamy and cheesy dip will have you begging for more. Warm it up to make it even more mouthwatering.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Everything and the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip

Trader Joe's Everything and the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip is tangy, zesty, creamy, and slightly smoky, and we approve of it all. It's everything you hope for in a Trader Joe's snack find — and the dip's rave reviews only prove it.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds

Say Trader Joe's Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds 10 times fast! These Trader Joe's snacks are vegan and gluten-free, and made of rice and pea flower for savory plant-based munchin'.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Trail Mix Crackers

Trader Joe's just turned your favorite snacks into one! These crackers are topped with cashew halves, black and white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, fried and salted mung beans, and sweet raisins. Held together by a light glaze, you'll be snacking harder than ever before.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert with Tapioca Pearls

It's a mouthful, but think of it like we do: boba ice cream! (Nondairy, too!)


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

If you're looking for a quick Trader Joe's snack that'll fill you up, these chewy chocolate peanut butter bars will do just that, with 10 grams of protein per serving.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Greek Chickpeas With Parsley & Cumin

Toss these Greek Chickpeas with Parsley and Cumin on top of a salad, crackers, or eat them alone — and you may just find that this is your new favorite Trader Joe's snack.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Grainless Granola

If you can't have gluten but love granola, this is the solution for you. Trader Joe's Grainless Granola contains almonds, coconut, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds to give you all the same crunch and fiber you get with grains.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings

Filled with hot ginger soup and a flavorful pork filling, you'll want these soup dumplings for dinner (or a late-night snack) every night.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Plantain Crisps

Thinner, crunchier, and overall more "chip-like" than regular plantain chips, these Trader Joe's Plantain Crisps are perfect paired with guacamole.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Crispy Jalapeño Pieces

Trader Joe's Crispy Jalapeño Pieces will be your new favorite addition to salads, soups, or eggs — and they're also good as a stand-alone snack.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Crisp Crunchy Crisps

Made with chickpeas and baked to crispy perfection, these Crisp Crunchy Crisps will quickly become your go-to Trader Joe's snack item.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Gone Berry Crazy

This frozen snack feels indulgent, but it's pretty simple: pieces of strawberry, covered in dark chocolate.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: PB&J Snack Duo

Watch out! This PB&J snack duo comes with six packs of snacks, but beware: It goes by quickly.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joe's Sandwich Cookies

Meet your new favorite dessert: Trader Joe's Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joe's Sandwich Cookies. These cookies are like peanut butter Oreos dipped in more peanut butter, with a chocolate drizzle you can't resist.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Dark Chocolate Bark

Salty, sweet, crunchy — all the makings of the perfect snack.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds

Slightly coated — for when you want mostly nut, with just a hint of something sweet.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Almond Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets

If you're looking for a snack that'll blow your taste buds out of the water, give Trader Joe's Almond Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets a try. Salty, sweet, nutty, and crunchy, this Trader Joe's snack has everything you need in an afternoon pick-me-up.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Super Seedy Cheese Snack Bites

These bites are crunchy and a little spicy, thanks to the peppercorn.

Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Organic Dried Mango Unsulfured & Unsweetened
Trader Joe's

Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Organic Dried Mango Unsulfured & Unsweetened

Don't sleep on TJ's dried fruit. These organic dried mango slices are chewy, a little tart, and something we stock up on two at a time.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Sea Salt Brownie Bites

Superfans may remember this chocolaty Trader Joe's snack, which boasts the perfect ratio of sweet to salty — and it's finally back on shelves.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn

This sweet take on popcorn is a game-changer. You've heard of caramel-coated popcorn, but adding rich peanut butter? Genius.


Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Sour Cream & Onion Rings

Onion rings, but with a twist. Satisfy your crunchy snack craving with this unique take on the classic onion ring, made of lentil and rice.