Welcome Fall With These Absolutely Perfect Wines

It's getting cooler, and the time to slay all day and then rosé has seemingly slipped away. While you may be sad about the lack of sun, sand, and surf, there is one thing you don't have to be sad about — the selection of wines about to hit your palate.

Through the Fall and into the Winter, it's more than just the weather that changes. Light and cold meals make way for comfort foods and hearty dinners, and baked goods become the center of attention. And let's be real — no one wants to move from under the blanket on the couch after they get home from work on a cold day. So, while you're busy hunkering down, you might as well do it with some wine, right?

We scoped out what wines should be in your wine rack this Fall, from wines that seriously taste like the season itself with tasting notes like black and red berries, spice, clove, cinnamon, coffee, and chocolate to those that are a little lighter and make the perfect complement to all those sweet treats.

Wölffer Estate Red Cider No. 139

If Fall is not the time for cider, no time is. Just in time for the season, Wölffer Estate added a new red cider to its collection. (The brand also has dry rosé cider and a dry white cider.)

The new cider promises a fresh, sparkling experience with crisp, sweet, and aromatic flavor profiles. The cider is made exclusively from New York State apples grown and handpicked at the DeFisher Fruit Farm in Rochester, the winery says.

Osprey's Dominion Spice Wine

Nothing says snuggle up more than spice wine, and this one from Long Island, NY-based Osprey's Dominion can't be beat. A red wine base with cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, this wine needs to be served warm. To do that, uncork the bottle and place it into a pot of hot water or by using a Crock-Pot. Seriously, nothing will get you under a warm blanket and into the Fall and Winter season faster.

Ferrari Brut Sparkling Wine

Just because the seasons change doesn't mean that bubbles have to go away. A sparkling wine from Trento, Italy, Ferrari's Brut can stand on its own against the heartiest Winter meals and will add a little fun and elegance. The flavors of fruits are balanced by earthiness, making this robust sparkling wine a treat for the palate.

Mark West Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a classic Fall drink, and Mark West is a classic pinot noir. Medium bodied and from California, it's smooth enough for a beginner red wine drinker but complex enough for a regular red wine drinker. Strawberry, plum, and a little black cherry complement pork tenderloin and light sauces.

Sterling Vineyards Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

This wine was just released (it was served at the 2018 Emmy Awards!) but is already causing a stir in the market. The wine has notes of red fruit flavors, mocha, and sweet vanilla for a flavor profile that will have you toasting the Winter months over and over again.

The Prisoner Napa Valley Red Blend 2016

If you're looking for something different as the weather drops (because when you stay inside all the time, you need something to spice it up), The Prisoner Napa Valley Red Blend 2016 is it. This wine has aromas of espresso and fig, along with ripe red fruit, but here's the kicker — it is a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Charbono.

Cooper & Thief Red Wine Blend

If you're looking for a wine that sips and feels like a spirit, Cooper & Thief's red blend is just that. The red wine is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, giving it a layer of flavor you'll want to savor.

Ravines Meritage

The Finger Lakes region may be known for its Rieslings, but the area is seriously booming right now as wine lovers from around the world are heading there. A bottle you may cry over when empty (maybe that's just me?), Ravines Meritage is a Bordeaux style with hints of spice, plum, and earth and is as deep and complex as the colder months may make you feel.

Tank Garage Winery 8-Track Stereo

Switching from white to red as the cooler months approach may be tough, but Tank Garage Winery's 8-Track Stereo makes it pretty easy. Lots of red fruits combined with fresh-cut cedar, cinnamon, and wet stones bring a fresh but multilayered taste in every sip.

Leitz Dragonstone

Fall is great time for Rieslings, and this German one is no exception. Off-dry and balanced, this wine can be paired with savory foods and also complements sweet ones — you know, like all the apple pie you're going to eat this holiday season.

Sokol Blosser Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

According to the Sokol Blosser winery, its flagship Pinot Noir exhibits aromas of black tea and ripe raspberries, followed by bright flavors of rainier cherries. You can feel good about this purchase, too. Until April 2019, $1 per bottle sold is going to a local nonprofit that helps to save bees.

Hat Ranch Winery Hat Trick Red

If you never thought Idaho had a wine region, you are very wrong. And it's pretty noteworthy. This Hat Trick Red from Hat Ranch Winery has aromas of coffee, dark fruits, and vanilla, which pairs so well with heavier meals, baked goods, and Netflix and chilling.

Domaine Lafond Tavel

OK, we tried to stay away from the rosé all day (see what we did there?), but it really pairs well with cranberry sauce and stuffing on Thanksgiving if it has the right tasting notes. Domaine Lafond's Tavel is one of these wines. Yes, it has traditional watermelon and red berry flavors, but hints of spice and clove and a medium body make this one rosé that's perfect for cooler months.

Big Table Farm Pinot Noir

A French-style wine but made in Oregon's Willamette Valley (yes, Oregon), Big Table Pinot Noir is a bit on the pricey side for a bottle but worth every dime. Red plum, strawberries, and pomegranate with white pepper, cumin, lilacs, soil, and fresh rain and an earthy smell makes this a treat on the nose as well as the tongue.