Brazilian Lemonade May Be the Official Drink of Summer 2023

As far as we're concerned, lemonade always has been and always will be the classic drink of summer. Sure, other trends come and go — Negronis (sblagliato, with Prosecco in it), Dirty Shirleys, Spicy Rosés. But lemonade is where it's at. That said, TikTok is making a very strong case for a slightly different warm-weather drink: Brazilian lemonade, sometimes also called Brazilian limeade, Swiss lemonade, or limonada suíça.

The basic sweet-tart recipe for Brazilian lemonade, which is making the rounds on our FYPs, is pretty straightforward to follow, which we love. It only calls for a handful of ingredients. And it takes less than no time to make and can be blended in big batches, making it the perfect poolside pairing and great for entertaining.

To whip up your own Brazilian lemonade, chop around five limes into eighths and toss into a blender along with 3/4 cup sugar, about four cups water, and — here's the secret ingredient — 1/2 cup condensed milk. (For what it's worth, some versions of this drink omit condensed milk, but the recipes going around TikTok use it, and it adds a creamy sweetness that's worth trying at least once.)

Blend until all ingredients are fully incorporated but don't overblend, or the lime peels will make the drink bitter. Next, separate your liquid mixture from any remaining lime pieces by pouring the blend through a strainer. Place the drink blend back into the blender with three cups water. After a few seconds of blending, pour over ice, stir, and sip away.

But there are some Brazilian lemonade-inspired variations you can try. Ahead, see how others are making and garnishing their own Brazilian limeades at home, including a dairy-free, a spiked, and a strawberry version.

Basic Brazilian Lemonade

This is a standard Brazilian lemonade recipe that shows you the finished product — and how adaptable the recipe is.

Minty Brazilian Lemonade

This Brazilian lemonade is freshened with a touch of mint — dried or fresh is fine.

Dairy-Free Brazilian Lemonade

For the lactose-intolerant crew, this Brazilian limeade swaps in coconut cream and offers the clever pro tip of freezing your limes before blending.

Boozy Brazilian Lemonade

This version of Brazilian lemonade uses rum for a kick.

Strawberry Brazilian Lemonade

This version adds in strawberries for some extra sweetness (and a beautiful pink color).