Trader Joe's Buffalo Style Hummus Is Here to Spice Up Snack Time, and We. Are. Ready.

Gather around, snack-lovers: we've got a new dip to add to our regimen, and it's a game changer. After years of dipping carrots, celery, and pita chips into every variation of hummus that comes to mind, the new Organic Buffalo Style Hummus from Trader Joe's might just surpass them all. Maybe it's the fact that it tastes like buffalo wings, or because of the spicy kick we all love so much, but either way, the new $3 product has Trader Joe's shoppers running to grab a few containers at once.

The product was spotted by avid TJ shoppers on Instagram, and the reviews are already pouring in. Some are saying it's really spicy, but others have agreed that the texture is ideal for celery stick-dipping. "This hummus definitely has a spicy kick, which completely masks the inherent flavor of the chickpeas, and tricked me into eating about half the container like it was a bowl of queso. It's not dry or too chunky, either," stated one review on The Kitchn. And if you're looking for more than just a dip, another person commented, "I made buffalo chicken wraps with this with the traders chicken tenders and [blue] cheese. It was amazing!"

Well, it looks like snack time just got a whole lot spicier, and we're not complaining! See how people are loving the new Trader Joe's dip ahead, and be inspired to spice up your meals with the Buffalo Style Hummus.