We'd Like to Personally Thank Whoever Invented These Butterfinger and Buncha Crunch Ice Cream Pizzas

Tired of having to choose between a handful of candy and ice cream for dessert? Thankfully, the dessert geniuses at Ice Box made the decision for us, and our taste buds approve. Their newest confection creation is a frozen dessert pizza that combines both vanilla ice cream and candy with a crispy crust and chocolate drizzle, truly making it the easiest choice for your sweet tooth.

Although each pie essentially contains the same ingredients, the candy toppings are what set them apart. Craving something with a flakey roasted peanut butter flavoring? Try the Butterfinger Ice Cream Pizza. If crisped rice mixed with chocolate is more your thing, the Buncha Crunch Ice Cream Pizza is right up your alley. While there's been talk of other flavors out there such as Baby Ruth and chocolate chip cookie dough, these two are definitely our favorite.

Maybe one of the most affordable frozen dessert options out there, each pie costs only $6. For now, it looks like these savory treats are only available at Texas supermarket H-E-B and on goPuff, an on-demand store that delivers to major cities like Chicago, Orlando, and Washington DC. But since this deluxe dessert is sure to be a knockout, we have a feeling Ice Box ice cream pizzas will be everywhere in no time.