Candy Charcuterie Boards Are a Thing, and Wow, Bless Whoever Thought of This

Charcuterie boards have become quite the trend in recent years, but did you know that candy charcuterie boards are a thing? They've been making the rounds on Instagram lately and, yep, they look so, so good. Unlike their meat and cheese counterparts, these sugary snack boards are best served for dessert (duh!) and the options for getting creative with these treats are endless.

Whether it's an obvious choice for something with a strong theme like a Halloween party or for something simple like a movie night with friends, candy charcuterie boards will basically become the centerpiece of any get-together. If you aren't over-the-top into candy, that's OK, too. There's always room to add a savory touch with things like crackers or pretzels. Keep reading to see some seriously beautiful candy charcuterie boards for inspiration.

Spooky Board

This Halloween-hued mix of sweet treats would be perfect for your next horror movie marathon. Add in a few pretzels, crackers, and peanuts for the perfect ratio of salty and sweet.

One Color Board

To find the best variety of similarly colored candies, try a full-service candy shop like Dylan's Candy Bar.

Rainbow Board

If rainbow is your favorite, this snack board deserves some real estate at your next party. We love the inclusion of popcorn-filled ice cream cones, which can totally double as snack carriers when filled with all those tasty treats.

Leftover Halloween Candy Board

Instead of throwing out that extra Halloween candy, share the love with your friends or officemates by building this beautiful candy charcuterie board. Make it fun by adding in a few toy spiders, vampire teeth, and eyes.


How can anyone choose a favorite candy when there are so many options? With this bright and beautiful board, you don't have to. Make it your own with gummies, rock candy, Swedish fish, and anything else your sugar-loving heart desires.

Cookie and Candy Board

Why should candy get to have all the fun? This delightful combo of baked goods and confectioneries will keep everyone happy.

Junk Food Dream Board

This board has a little something for everyone. We love the addition of individually wrapped candies so guests have the option to grab a handful on the way out.

Unicorn Board

This colorful board is giving us major unicorn vibes. Dream up your own mystical creation with lots of pinks, blues, and purples.

Galactic Board

This far-out candy board uses gradient shades of blue and purple to mimic the sky and jawbreakers of assorted sizes and colors for planets. We don't know about you, but we think this snack is out of this world!

Sweetheart Board

What could be sweeter for your sweetheart than a tray full of pink, purple, and heart-shaped candies? We love the example pictured here, but you could also add conversation hearts and red hots to up the love factor.