Would You Try Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn?

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Iizuka
POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Iizuka

Did you know that Brach's, the longtime maker of the Halloween candy staple candy corn, has gone the way of Oreo by creating an array of crazy novelty flavors? The newest to hit the shelves this Fall is the Brunch Favorites variety bag that's a limited-edition release only at Target ($3). We obviously had to put them to the test.

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Iizuka

Upon opening the bag, you're immediately hit with a wave of maple syrup scent, very reminiscent of a Yankee Maple Pancake candle. It's overwhelming, and there's no mistaking that this bag of candy is clearly brunch-flavored. There are three different flavors in each bag: french toast and maple syrup, waffles and strawberry, and chocolate chips and pancakes. While I can personally say I was not much of a fan and found myself done with these after a few bites, my co-workers had very mixed feelings about these little corn candies. One thing we all agreed on, however, is how spot-on the flavors are to the intended descriptions.

"These really taste just like maple syrup, and the chocolate chip ones taste just like chocolate chips."

"I'm a candy corn fan, and I actually like these [flavors] better!"

"They're too sweet; you can only eat a few of them at a time. They'd actually be great for someone who's on a diet, because you get all the flavor but would stop after just a handful."

"The strawberry was my least favorite, but overall they were pretty good."

"I did not like those period."


So what do you think? Would you give these a shot? Let us know in the comments, and if you ever see an interesting new product on the shelves, let us know! We'd be happy to put it to the test to let you know what you're getting yourself into before you buy.

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Iizuka