Please Excuse Me While I Cry Over How Cute This Cheeseburger Ravioli Is

Pasta art is a thing, people, and we are here for it. Whether you are new to the trend or have been on top of it since day one, we have news of a mind-blowing new dish that's so cute, you'll send it to all of your friends on the 'gram within 10 seconds of discovering it. Enter: cheeseburger ravioli, created by pasta artist Linda Miller Nicholson and food photographer Steve Klise. She's known as Salty Seattle on Instagram and has a casual 265,000 carb-loving followers.

The cute lil' cheeseburgers look so much like the real thing, they'll make you do a double take. The six-layer, thick, juicy burger-ravioli is made up of lettuce, meat, cheese, and tomato — which are actually just pieces of pasta colored with natural food dye. According to Nicholson, the raviolis are filled with Velveeta and ground beef and sauced with Shake Shack's secret slurry. Is your mouth watering yet? The little sesame seed touches on the top bun of the ravioli are made with pasta too, proving that little details go such a long way.

So if you're wondering how to create these cheeseburger raviolis at home, start by finding a little extra time in your schedule to create natural food coloring for your pasta and to craft each layer. Find a few kids or friends to help you out and then combine eggs, flour, and food dye ingredients such as fruits, veggies, and herbs in a blender to create those pretty colored layers of pasta. You'll need to layer little strips of pasta to create your "cheeseburger," including that piece of "lettuce" with a jagged edge, and you can't forget those itty-bitty sesame seeds. As for the actual ravioli, create the dish like you normally would, substituting the top part of the ravioli that locks in your filling for six layers of brightly hued pasta dough.

And for the perfect weekend activity, grab a copy of Linda Miller Nicholson's pasta cookbook, Pasta, Pretty Please: A Vibrant Approach to Handmade Noodles, to learn how to make your own pasta art at home.