Baking Guru Chelsey White Shared Her Frosting Recipe on TikTok, and It's SO Easy

Who knew that TikTok was the perfect place for baking advice? Baking guru Chelsey White (@chelsweets), who has almost 700,000 followers on TikTok and almost a million followers on Instagram, shared her popular frosting recipe on the social media site, and it's easier than you think! The number one rule of baking is that even if you take shortcuts in your baked goods, homemade frosting is always the best way to go. And if that sounds intimidating, we promise, it's actually super quick and easy and, according to this recipe, only takes five ingredients.

The recipe starts out by using a paddle mixer attachment to beat four sticks of unsalted butter (also can be measured as two cups or one pound) until it's whipped and creamy. Next, Chelsey adds a half teaspoon salt and a tablespoon vanilla extract, mixing again until they're incorporated into the softened butter. Then comes the heavy-duty stuff: mixing in a whopping seven cups powdered sugar (basically a full two-pound bag). To avoid making a mess with all that powdery sugar, she recommends beating it in gradually and slowly — using the "low" setting on the mixer — and adding three tablespoons heavy cream along the way. After about five minutes of mixing, the frosting will be the perfect smooth, creamy texture. Now you have the perfect frosting recipe to coat all of your cakes!