This Massive Candy Bar at the Avengers Campus Has Been Called the "Best Thing in the Park"

Disney goes big, but the Avengers Campus at California Adventure goes bigger. After the new park opened in June, fans have been sharing their favorite food finds across the campus, and one treat has made even the most devoted foodies marvel in awe (see what we did there?). Meet the Choco-Smash Candy Bar. This massive chunk of chocolate is big, bold, and made for a super hero hungry eater. The celestial-sized candy bar features a brownie base that's topped with caramel, peanuts, nougat, and peanut butter, all of which is covered in a rich layer of dark chocolate. Found at the Pym Test Kitchen for $8, this mega treat is big enough to split with three to four people — so like, one Thor or a whole family. It's on both the breakfast and lunch and dinner menus for all-day super-size snacking.

Coined the "best thing in the park" by Instagrammer @weknowdisney, this chocolate-covered candy bar is a must-try. The best way to eat it is by breaking it apart, because as another taste-tester mentioned, a plastic knife had no chance against this epic dessert. The next time you're exploring the new park, make sure to enjoy this chocolate-covered treat; it'll make any adventure a mission accomplished. As Black Widow would say, we're convinced that "these guys come from legend, Captain." Who's ready to try this super sweet treat?