Baking Hero Chrissy Teigen Just Traded Her Husband's Undies For Bananas

Any home baker knows that the perfect banana bread is made with overly ripe, browned bananas to exact optimum sweetness. Chrissy Teigen, an accomplished foodie who is currently working on her second cookbook, believes this deeply — which is why she was willing to offer a lucrative trade for several ripe bananas while recipe-testing.

Chrissy tweeted a plea to her 7.5 million followers seeking browned bananas anywhere in the Los Angeles area. "I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette," she tweeted, adding that it was a real offer. Naturally, Chrissy's fans responded quickly and obsessively, all jumping at the chance to provide bananas.

All in all, the Twitter plea worked — Chrissy's "assistant" (AKA her mom) picked up five brown bananas from a local winner within the hour, and everybody was happy. Trust us, you'll want to read the entire exchange!

The tweet that started it all:

Of course, Chrissy had to clarify that she was not kidding.

People near and far began sending in their banana submissions.

(Even if they didn't actually have the right amount.)

Though this Twitter user only had five bananas, Chrissy eventually chose her as fruit tribute.

But it wasn't for everybody else's lack of trying.

Overall, it was a tough decision with many awesome contenders.

Chrissy promised to send runner-ups their own banana bread.

She asked the winner to prove the bananas weren't poisoned, because ya never know.

They documented the entire banana exchange with photos.

We have the feeling we'll see more Twitter grocery shopping from Chrissy in the future!