Charcuterie Boards Got an HGTV Makeover For Christmas . . . as Houses

If a gingerbread house and a charcuterie board had a baby, what would it be? A charcuterie house, obviously. Believe it or not, this combo exists: I stumbled across a few on my Instagram feed as people got creative for the holiday season. The layered meat-and-cheese combo — also known as a charcuterie chalet — can be placed on top of crackers, pretzels, or some other hard surface to create the charcuterie house's structure. Although, some people are saying "screw it" and throwing their meats and cheeses on top of traditional gingerbread house kits (minus the frosting and candy, of course). Whatever suits your fancy and flatters your tastebuds is all that matters, and these little charcuterie houses make a statement. Set it up for a party or eat away at it slowly until Christmas approaches; either way, it's a must-munch (and take a picture of) kind of treat.

Peep some positively stunning Christmas charcuterie houses for inspiration ahead.