Once We Get Our Hands on These Churro Bugles, It's Over For All Other Salty-Sweet Snacks

If a salty-sweet situation is your ideal snack when hunger strikes, then Bugles has the thing for you. The corn chip brand — famous for its shape, which, without fail, inspires people to put them on their fingers — recently released a new churro-flavored snack mix that's essentially just Bugles dusted in cinnamon sugar.

According to food blogger Junk Banter, who tried the new Bugles flavor, the snack is pretty solid. "The buttery flavor that's common to all Bugles actually works well enough to propel this from straight 'cinnamon sugar' to something closer to a churro," Junk Banter wrote. "But the overall 'corn' flavor of a Bugle is still quite strong — keeping them from achieving full-blown churro."

Churro Bugles are available exclusively at 7-Eleven for a limited time only — so, run, don't walk.