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Coffee Drinks For Every Mood

Be Your Own Barista With These Must-Try DIY Coffee Creations For Every Mood

We've partnered with Folgers® Coffee to inspire you to make the most of your daily cup of joe.

True caffeine-lovers know that coffee is appropriate for pretty much every vibe — you just have to pick the right preparation. Black coffee might be the move on a hectic Monday morning, but a more relaxed weekend brunch might put you in the mood for something a little bit extra. Get inspired by the four simple coffee recipes ahead. Who says you have to stick to your usual order anyway?


Feeling stressed out by the length of your to-do list? Pick a coffee drink that represents the cool, calm, and collected state you aspire to, like a vanilla iced coffee. The combination of iced Folgers Noir® True Dark coffee, a little milk, and just a touch of vanilla extract is quite literally chilled — and you could stand to chill out a bit right now, too. Pro tip: serve over coffee ice cubes for an even stronger dark roast flavor.


High-energy days require an equally full-flavored coffee drink, like a spiced café mocha. Warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin-pie spice bring a whole new dimension to the dark-chocolate taste of a standard mocha. It's the ideal beverage to celebrate knocking a big presentation out of the park, finding your dream apartment, or accomplishing a major goal.


You've already put on a freshly styled outfit (complete with real pants!) and pressed play on your favorite podcast, so it's time for an equally sophisticated coffee. Go with a hazelnut café au lait, because if frothing milk at home doesn't say "fancy," nothing does. It's as easy as combining strong brewed coffee with a little hazelnut syrup, then topping off your mug with foamed milk. No frothing wand? Just whisk milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat to create that silky texture.


Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself. Whether you're feeling down from a fight with your roommate or rough day at work, an affogato will cheer you up. Pop a K-Cup® Pod into your Keurig brewer for a strong, hot cup of coffee, then pour it over a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream for a super fast, restaurant-worthy pick-me-up.

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