Who Needs a Pickle-Back Shot When Dill-Pickle-Infused Vodka Exists?!

You might've thought that pickle-flavored alcohol peaked with dill pickle beer, but we're here to tell you some happy news: you were wrong. And let us tell ya, your Bloody Mary game is about to become legendary, because our latest pickle-infused discovery is sour, dill-infused vodka. After we heard that Blue Spirits Distilling offers its own take on pickle-flavored liquor, we scoured the internet and realized that pickle vodka is available from several spirits purveyors.

Chilled Dills, a company that solely produces pickle-flavored vodka, describes its namesake offering as "smooth" and perfect for Bloody Marys, pickle-tinis, or by itself on the rocks:

We have combined the amazing taste of the finest pickles and their juice with a U.S. made, ultra-premium vodka. Combining the two, we have created a delicious, flavored vodka with a hint of dill pickle; very smooth and refreshing.

Another company that sells pickle-flavored vodka, Last Mountain Distillery, prides itself in being Canada's only pickle-infused spirits producer. It also claims that pickle vodka is "amazing in caesars," Canada's answer to the Bloody Mary, which is made with clamato juice.

If you've lived in the darkness, not realizing that you could be drinking pickle vodka, now's your chance to make up for lost time. Check out the photos ahead of the various dill-infused options out there, then peep this list to find pickle liquor near you.